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Welcome to the “Retire Richer” series by the Self-Directed IRA Investment Institute. 1% of Americans will retire rich. Yet, 100% of Americans can retire richer by understanding (1) there are better options and alternatives to stocks bonds and mutual funds, and (2) using Self-Directed IRA’s to get tax free or tax-deferred returns is the best way to retire richer.

In this introduction to the Retire Richer series, you will learn all of the basic questions and answers to take control of your future retirement by using Self-Directed IRA’s to invest in crowd funding, real estate, private equity and debt, tax lien certificates and much more. Get started today on the path to retiring richer. Click here.


Are you frustrated with the ‘self-service” of the Self-Directed IRA world? Do you not understand the delay in trying to open an account? Is it taking weeks or even months to transfer funds to your new self-directed IRA provider? Who is responsible to do this? Is it taking forever to try to get a transaction done, only to be given another new set of documents to complete? If you would spend $30 to overnight a needed document or $30 to wire funds to get a transaction done, then you should spend less than $10 to learn everything you need to work with Self-Directed IRA’s. You get a clear concise explanation of documents, understanding of processes, and checklists for each step of the way. Get help now.


Prohibited Transactions are the black hole of Self-Directed IRA’s. Any internet google will give you half a page at best, even on the IRS Gov. website and less than that on any IRA provider site. This book is the most comprehensive, detailed explanation citing direct IRS codes yet written in layman terms with dozens of examples and case studies. Before you risk losing your IRA, start with this book as a reference guide to bring to your IRS tax attorney. Click here.




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